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Maritime valves and fittings

We supply valves and fitting to several Shipyards in the Netherlands and are experiencing increasing co-operation with UK shipyards and distributors .
Industrial Technical Supplies its is a solution driven supplier, specialized in valves and fittings serving the maritime industry.

ITS is leadbuyer for De Vries Scheepsbouw (FEADSHIP). Together we have more then a 100 years of experience!
Our goal is to offer added value by means of providing a "competative pricelevel" in combination with knowledge (product, application and market) and experience and services.  

The advantages of working with Industrial Technical Supplies its: 

Competative aquiring price-level
 2)Availability and efficient logistics
 3)Knowledge product, application and market, over 100 years of experience as leadbuyer for the Feadship / Royal De Vries Shipbuilding group
 4)Tagging with the information you need
 5)Partnership contributing to R&D
 6)Reliable deliveries (expediting, monitoring delivery terms)
 7)After Sales Service
 8)Commited and dedicated team
 9)Certification: Loyds, Veritas and Shipping Inspection (SI)
Close co-operation with sister company STI-engineering for specific "fit for purpose" components
Workshop facilities for the automation and modifications of valves and fittings.

Below you can find a summary from the ITS program


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